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eEAR-CIC-BT-2 The first Tiny and Sleek, Digital CIC (Complete in the Canal) Hearing Aids, with Bluetooth, wireless connection. Invisible, 12 channels, smart immediate fitting, remote apps control

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Revolutionize your hearing experience with eEAR-CIC-BT-2 - the first Tiny and Sleek, Digital CIC (Complete in the Canal) Hearing Aids with Bluetooth and wireless connection. This invisible device offers 12 channels for optimal sound quality and smart immediate fitting. Control it remotely with ease through the accompanying app.


OSPL 90(dB)
MAX 109
HFA 105
FOG 50(dB)
MAX 40
HFA 35
500 3%
800 3%
1600 3%
Target 35
Measure 35
EQ(dB) 25
Battery current(mA) 1.7
Frequency range(Hz) 200-5500



ERAC Context Analysis Based Intelligent Multi-Compression Technology ERAC2.0,
Independent Adjustable Compression & Amplifification Channels 12
Independent Adjustable Band 24
ACOD Intelligent Multi-Core DSP ACOD3100
DSP Channels 48
DFBC Adaptive Feedback Cancellation DFBC3.0 Advanced,
1 Levels
SIW Technology DFBC+Advanced SIW
Environment Recognition Management System Standard
ENDR Environment Detection and Nolise Reduction System ENDR2.0
Max 20dB
Noise Source Tracking and Supression Technology No
Transient Noise Management Intelligent,
2 Levels
Wind Noise Management Intelligent,
2 Levels
Directional Dual-Microphone Technology No
Directional Speech Enhancement Technology No
Programs Selectable 4
Internal Sound Field Assessment System
Internal Audiometer System
Adjectable Turn-on Delay
Occlusion Effect Management
Low Battery Power Notifification
Adjustable Notifification Frequency and Volume
Peronalized Audio Notifification No
Volume Control
TMT Tinnitus Masking Technology No
FM Interface Compatible No
Auto Phone Function No
Virtual Button Program Switching System
Virtual Button volume control system
Rechargeable No
Memory After Power-off
Personalized Data Storage Medium
Nano Coating Technology
app volume control
app program switch
app remote fifitting(only china mainland)
app auto fifitting
app professional fifitting
app smart fifitting