ePP-BT-Tx-Rx High-Power Bluetooth 5.3 Transmitter Receiver for TV Home Stereo BT Headphones, Qualcomm chip, Low Latency & HD Bluetooth Audio Adapter, Splitter for Wired & Wireless, Best in its class technology, Designed and Engineered in The USA

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Key Features:

  • Bluetooth V5.2: Utilizes the latest Bluetooth version for improved connectivity and performance.
  • Support for A2DP Agreement: Enables high-quality audio streaming in both RX (receiver) and TX (transmitter) modes, ensuring clear and crisp sound.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Operates within the 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz frequency range for enhanced compatibility and stable connection.
  • Class I & II Power Rating: Offers flexibility with both Class I and II power ratings for various usage scenarios.
  • Low Distortion: Boasts distortion levels of ≤0.1%, ensuring fidelity in audio transmission.
  • Dual Stream Support (TX Mode): Allows simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth speakers or headphones, utilizing codecs like apt-X LL for minimal latency.
  • Multipoint Support (RX Mode): Facilitates connection with two mobile phones simultaneously, enhancing versatility and convenience.
  • Versatile Codec Method: Supports a range of codec methods including apt-X LL, apt-X, SBC, AAC, and FS, ensuring compatibility with different devices and optimizing audio quality.
  • Long Battery Life: Offers extended battery life, with over 10 hours in RX mode and over 8 hours in TX mode, for uninterrupted use.
  • Extended Bluetooth Range: Provides a connectivity range of over 80 meters in a straight line without obstruction, ensuring freedom of movement.

These features collectively make the ePP-BT-Tx-Rx High-Power a versatile and high-performance Bluetooth transmitter and receiver suitable for various audio applications.



Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V5.2

Supporting Agreement: RXA2DP


Working Frequency: 2.402GHz -2.480GHz 

Power Rating: Class I II 

Distortion: ≤0.1% 

Support Dual Stream (TX mode) : Support (a transmitter is connected to two Bluetooth speakers or headphones at the same time to use a CODEC, up to APTX LL)

Support Multipoint (RX mode): Support (connect two mobile phones)

Codec method: TXapt-X LLapt-X SBCFS RXapt-X LLapt-XSBCAACFS

APTX use note :Priority support for apt-X LL CODEC in single connection (the connected device must also support apt-X LL) 

Built-in Battery: 500MAH 

Recharging Current: about 350MA

Charging Time : about 2.5h

Battery Life: RX>10H, TX>8H

Bluetooth Distance: 80M(Straight line without obstruction)

Charging Method: Micro USB 5V/0.5A Input/output 

Connection Method: RCA interface, I2S AUX interface, support RCA, AUX dual simultaneous output

Compatible: Android, IOS system mobile phone and PAD, and Bluetooth speakers or earphones supporting A2DP protocol are connected for use