YES, IT'S HEARING AIDS 2 IN ONE, eEAR® WP-BT N30 Neck-Band Hearing Aid The Best Waterproof + Bluetooth Hearing Aids and Wireless Bluetooth Hearphones Available and Affordable Sold 10,000+

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eEAR® WP-BT N30 Neck-Band Hearing Aid Sold 10,000+


New intelligent wireless eEAR® WP-BT N30 Neck-Band Hearing Aid Amplifier. Excellent sound quality with digital and intelligent system to make hearing more clear and comfortable.

Specifications :

  • Phone call, Listen music are available
  • Win iF award in Germany.
  • Modern Design
  • Binaural listening Easy Watching TV
  • The noise environment is more clearer, with stereo effect,
  • Accessories APP
  • TV Join mHear
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Suitable for ios system and Android system
  • Connection with TV, Audio, Computer, MP3, Audio lnput
  • Wireless transmission distance >15 meters

Now Easily watch TV:

With Bluetooth wireless function head shadow effect and TV mate receiver you can watch TV easily.

Lithium battery chagrining:

Users of high-capacity lithium battery do not need to the hearing aid store to buy the battery frequently. just use it during the day as a mobile phone and charge it at night.

Phone calls :

lt not only can help hearing, but also listen to music or make calls, providing comprehensive solutions for people with hearing loss.

IP57 Waterproof:

Nano Waterproof IP57: Nano waterproof technology, comprehensive protection

Technology Feature:

  • Model Appearance
  • Fitting Range
  • Function
  • Intelligent System Comfortable <100dR
  • N30 <100dR 
  • TV Join
  • APP Control
  • Unique Features
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Humanized Function
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • sl00dis to avoid whistle
  • In-ear defection function
  • High Level Sound Quality
  • N10 2 Programs
  • Inside Intelligent Volume Record Adjustable Sound Channels 
  • Intelligent Adaptive Noise
  • I craning Function Reduction
  • Default program modes (Quiet/Noisy)
  • Models Channel Memory Noise Module Reduction processing
  • Memory Feedback Volume
  • Memory Program
  • Mic Double
  • APP Hints Sound
  • Fitting Range
  • N30-DW 4 2+1 9 Mild-Severe

Do I need a prescription for the best sound level?

I had testing done by an audiologist 7 years ago and paid $4900 for his aides, after 3 years of mediocre hearing, I bought some in the ear $99 aides, that worked better. I now have 30 days with the eEAR Product and I am satisfied, just start with a low volume setting and increase slowly every other day sounds seem normal.