YES, IT'S HEARING AIDS 2 IN ONE, Pair of eEAR® EB-BT-16 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth (BT) Earbuds All in One for Right and Left Ears. State of the Art technology, with easy to use Hearing Aids apps. One of a kind in the hearing aids industry.

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Rechargeable Bluetooth Digital Hearing Aid

  • 16 channel WDRC Digital chips hearing amplifier
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth 5.2 support TV/Music/Phone handfree
  • Bluetooth APP DIY control
  • AEC: Adaptive echo cancellation
  • ENC:Adaptive Environment noise cancellation
  • MFA: Millisecond Frequency Adjustment


1.1 What is hearing loss?

A hearing loss can happen when any part of the ear is not working in the usual way. This includes the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, hearing (acoustic) nerve, and auditory system.

1.2 The degree of hearing loss can range from mild to profound:

  • Mild Hearing LossA person with a mild hearing loss may hear some speech sounds but soft sounds are hard to hear.
  • Moderate Hearing Loss: A person with a moderate hearing loss may hear almost no speech when another person is talking at a normal level.
  • Severe Hearing LossA person with severe hearing loss will hear no speech when a person is talking at a normal level and only some loud sounds.
  • Profound Hearing LossA person with a profound hearing loss will not hear any speech and only very loud sounds.
    • There are four types of hearing loss:
    • 3.1 Conductive Hearing Loss: Hearing loss caused by something that stops sounds from getting through the outer or middle ear. This type of hearing loss can often be treated with medicine or surgery.
    • 3.2 Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Hearing loss that occurs when there is a problem in the way the inner ear or hearing nerve works.
    • 3.3 Mixed Hearing Loss: Hearing loss that includes both a conductive and a sensorineural hearing loss.
    • 3.4 Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: Hearing loss that occurs when sound enters the ear normally, but because of damage to the inner ear or the hearing nerve, sound isn’t organized in a way that the brain can understand.
    • What’s the hearing amplifier?

The hearing amplifier is make sounds louder. It’s suite for most Sensorineural and Mixed Hearing loss. Also cover all hearing loss degree.



2.1 Medical purpose

The hearing amplifier is intended to assist those with hearing loss.

2.2 Intended patients and environment

The hearing amplifier can be used indoors and


2.3 Other effects

  • First use may cause slight pain as the ear canal adjusts to the hearing amplifier. Read all the information in the instruction manual and another literature included in the box before using the device.
  • Don’t use device at high volume for a long time otherwise it may injure your ear. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using.
  • Please maintain the products at all times.
  • Protect the device from impacts, humidity and high temperatures.
  • Do not use this product near explosive or dangerous environments, to avoid damaging the device.
  • Keep device away from children as there is a risk of injury to the child or others, or damage to the device.
  • Don’t use in an oxygen rich environment for long periods as this may damage the device.
  • Do not lend your hearing amplifier to others. Using a hearing amplifier designed for someone else can result in hearing damage.
  • Monitor any unusual skin reaction. In some cases, wearing a hearing amplifier can cause an allergic reaction leading to itchiness or rashes. If you feel any unusual skin condition, stop wearing the hearing amplifier and see a medical specialist.
  • Do not put a magnetic materials close to the hearing amplifier as this may damage the it.
  • Do not place in a hot or humid location.
  • In a closed car in summer, the temperature can rise to very high levels. Do not leave your hearing amplifier in a car, otherwise it may damage the device.

2.4 Contraindications, cautions, warnings and suggestive instructions

  • Absence of auditory nerve
  • Suddenly or rapidly increasing of hearing loss
  • Recent suddenly tinnitus or unilateral tinnitus
  • Unexplained unilateral hearing loss or obvious asymmetric hearing loss
  • Any pain in either ear
  • Conductive deafness of any cause (external ear, otitis media, effusion, cerumen or foreign body embolism, etc.)
  • Poor health
  • An uncontrollable emotional state
  • the hearing amplifier cannot be used by infants under 9Yeas old.

3. Product show

4. List of accessories:

Part Name

Type and SPEC


Charging Cable






5 How to use

Notes: Currently,supportAndroid Only, Please contact the distributor for APP download.

Technical Data:

Device name

In the Ear Bluetooth Digital Chips Hearing device

Model name




Peak Gain


Equivalent Input Noise




WDRC channel


Total harmonic distortion


Frequency Rang


Charging Time


Working Time


Product Lifespan


Operation environment

0~40℃, 30%~75%RH,


Storage environment

0 ~40 ℃, ≤75%RH,




Phone and music support

ECHO cancellation


Environment Noise cancellation


6. Dimensions:

Hearing Amplifier: 24x17x23mm


  1. Weight

Hearing Amplifier: 5g


  • We do not authorize any institution or individual

to maintain and repair the product. If you have any questions, please contact the distributor.

  • The user must not attempt any repairs to the

device. Please contact the distributor for repairment.

  • Opening of the equipment by unauthorized.

agencies is not allowed and will terminate any claim to warranty.


Why Do You Need the Bluetooth Hearing Aids ?

Here are a few of the things you can do with Bluetooth digital hearing aids that you can’t with traditional hearing aids:
1. Hands-free calls You can take calls without lining up your phone with the hearing aid microphone.
2. Audio on the go You don’t need to take out your hearing aids to put in headphones. Instead, stream audio directly to your hearing aids while walking or working out. Another perk? You can retain your ability to hear what’s going on around you.
3. Control personal volume You can watch TV with your family or friends and adjust your sound without changing the volume for everyone.


How to Connect Bluetooth Hearing Aid to Phone? 

Having the ability to buy hearing aids online is a huge win for buyers; it eliminates some barriers that may prevent people from seeking care for their hearing loss.
People who wear traditional hearing aids often struggle to hear audio from cell phones, televisions, computers, and other personal audio devices. However, the Bluetooth hearing aids help solve that problem, they bring the traditional daily benefits of hearing aids along with clearer audio and greater sound control. If you have a hearing impaired problem and enjoy staying up to date with what’s trending, The eEAR Hearing Aids & Bluetooth (BT) Earbuds All in One on the market could be right for you.


Hearing Aid with Bluetooth APP

If you don't have a handful of reasons you're looking to buy a Bluetooth hearing aid online, you'll want a set that gives you all-around coverage. This full pair of eEAR Hearing Aids & Bluetooth (BT) Earbuds All in One  Wireless Bluetooth hearing aid from the eEAR Brand Store can do just that. The fast-charging in the ear type rechargeable hearing aids eEAR Hearing Aids & Bluetooth (BT) Earbuds All in One  work continuously up to 10-12 hours by a charging time about 1-2 hours with its small portable charge case. Meanwhile, the built-in high quality speaker provide clear sound for seniors or adults hearing loss assist. 

These are perfect for on-the-go use, as they come with a small charger that provides a full charge in 1-2 hours that will last up to 3-4 times of use. The most important thing is that the Bluetooth APP function will be helpful for users to control this Bluetooth digital hearing aid on the Smartphone. The users can adjust the volume, change the right mode for hearing environment and adjust the EQ by the Bluetooth APP.
Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-compatible devices, including your smartphone, music player, personal computer, and television. With Bluetooth technology, you can stream sound directly to your hearing aids.
eEAR  is one of China’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids devices. They provide hearing aids of Digital hearing aid, bluetooth hearing aid, CIC hearing aid, Rechargeable hearing aids etc. for the seniors and adults hearing loss amplification.

How to pair bluetooth hearing aids E19 ?

When you connect two Bluetooth-compatible devices — such as a smartphone with a set of Bluetooth Hearing aid — it’s called “pairing the devices.” Once paired, you can take calls or listen to music without having to hold your phone up to your ear or deal with wires.

The Hearing Aid with Bluetooth do exactly what the name suggests, it connects by the Bluetooth wireless technology. Using the Bluetooth frequency, you can stream the smart mobile phone calls and audio from your android phone to your Digital Bluetooth hearing aids. You could also stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled wireless player to your hearing aids. There are also DIY Bluetooth hearing aid for Android. This eEAR Hearing Aids & Bluetooth (BT) Earbuds All in One  in Ear mini Rechargeable Bluetooth digital hearing aids connect to the Bluetooth frequency to pair up with Android devices, either directly or via a wireless streamer.

Here, let's show you how to connect one of the eEAR Hearing Aids & Bluetooth (BT) Earbuds All in One  step by step:

1.Install APP

The APP name is the "YaoSound Audio Control" 。
It has been launched on Google Store.
So, you can download it on the Google store.

Or download through this link:
Note: Currently the app only supports Android phones, and the IOS APP will come soon…

2.Pair to Device

The model of E16 is a High quality Digital Bluetooth hearing aid in ear that come with a portable charge box and packed a pair of 2 DIY Bluetooth hearing aid.
When you finish to install the APP on the mobile phone,
please make sure your phone Bluetooth is open and working well.
Find the Bluetooth hearing aid's APP on your Bluetooth list with the default name of E16-R,
then click theE16-R for pairing to connect and setting.
You can change the E16-R to the name you want. and you finish to install the APP on the mobile phone, please make sure your phone Bluetooth is open and working well.
Find the Bluetooth hearing aid's APP on your Bluetooth list with the default name of E16-R,then click theE16-R for pairing to connect and seting. You can change the E16-R to the name you want.

3.APP Operation

When you have the pairing or connect succeeded,
you will have the APP management system:

1. to adjust the Volume tone from 1 to 6,
2. choose the different 4 modes
3. control the sound equalizer by the EQ.