e-PitchPerfect (e-PP) H8008, 40W Smart Speaker, Alexa and Siri Voice Enabled Smart Home Control Speaker IoT Device, Designed and Engineered in the USA Sold 5,000+ worldwide

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The top smart 40w speakers to control your home | TechRadar. e-PitchPerfect Smart Speakers to control your home, and communication, and Audio Amplifier / Speakers / Speakers / pbones, All in One.

Bluetooth Version: ATS5.0

Power Supplier: DC5V

Output Power: 40W

Lithium Battery : 5200mAh

Audio Driver 45mm*2+ 70mm Subwoofer

Case Material: TPU+metal

Dimensions: 22.6x6x10cm

Weight: 1100g

Play Time: 5hours

Charging Time: 3-4 hours