eEAR® eEAR-CIC-R419 Digital Rechargeable miniature CIC Hearing Aids Sold 15,000+ worldwide

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1. Digital noise reduction chip is used to provide natural sound, improve listening in noisy environment and optimize the comfort of loud listening.

2. One button solution There is no complex operations, one button solution, short press the transparent button to adjust the 8 sound levels, long press it to turn on/off. Automatically turn off when entering the charging case.

3. Keep charging case in hand, leave all troubles behind. The charging case is portable and beautiful, so that you can use the power continuously for one week anytime, anywhere. Amazing for traveling or going out. The magnetic charging case can prevent the loss and damage of your hearing aids.

4. Professional audiologists design, audiologists design the best hearing aids that suitable for most life scenes. As a result, our hearing aids fit most Americans that output cristal clear sound without feedbacks and other noise. We are proud that all of our hearing aids are FDA-registered which means you can trust our quality.

 Patient Features:

Magnetic Charger Case

Mini invisible size

Low Power Consumption

Color: Beige/ Red&Blue


Product Info:

Hearing time: 20h
100% Charge : 6h

Charger base:

Type-C connection
Red/blue indicator light X2
Power indicator blue light X1
Input: DC, Stabilized 5V
±5%Max.current:10 mA


Processing :  Digital
Housing Design : Complete-in-canal
Volume Control : Button
Memory Switch : N/A

Telecoil : N/A

Measurement : 

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL) : 115
OSPL90-HFA(dB SPL) : 105
Peak Gain(dB) : 32
HFA/FOG(dB) : 22
Frequency Range(Hz) : 200-4500
Harmonic Distortion : 
@500Hz(%) : 3.0
@800Hz(%) : 3.0
@1600Hz(%) : 3.0
EQ Input NOISE(dB) : 30
Battery Type : Lithium
Battery Capacity (mAh) : 25


1. Pull string
2. Charging contacts
3. Volume control & On/Off
button with light indicatior
4. Microphone inlet


6.Charger Case

  • 100% Digital Processor (DSP).
  • 4 channels bands.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Feedback cancellation.