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eEAR-BC-BT-MIC15-HP Best Bone Conduction hearing aids in its class, with detached high sensitivity pickup microphone, for best best sound and voice quality, and noise cancelation

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YES, IT'S HEARING AIDS! 2 in ONE, Bone Conduction Hearing aids, and Bluetooth bone conduction headphones. eEAR-BC-BT-HPH The Bone Conduction Military Grade, Hearing Amplifier aids, with detached pickup high sensitivity microphone, for best sound and voice collection. Very light 30 gr with The Latest Bluetooth (BT) 5.3 Technology

Johns Hopkins Medical institute:  Bone conduction hearing aids or hearing systems, also called osseointegrated or bone-anchored devices, are an innovative technology approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat certain types of hearing loss.



Battery type: 200mAh Lithium 
Working time: around 10 hours
Charging time: around 2 hours
Driver:bone conduction speaker 
Frequency range: 100Hz-18KHz 
Speaker level: 88dB
Microphone: -42dB
Wight: 35g
USB chaging cable length: 40cm