Hearing Aid Technology Evolution

Author : Ben Orenstein, BSEE, MBA

Hearing Amplifiers, same as Hearing aid (Amplifiers) Pre-program

med, OTC, the range of products, not much different from the e programmable / professional. There are good quality with good reliable technologies, and there are cheap with much less advanced technology, quality, and reliability. So it's up to the individual budget and needs. We stay away from the cheap staff, we have our brand reputation to protect.

Just for you to know, Hearing aid technology is driven and improving daily mainly because it's using and utilizing same audio/sound technology as mobile phones, Headsets, Air-Pods, Ear buds, all require high fidelity, miniature size, and high quality. Obviously the hearing aid requires higher/stronger Amplifier than commercially used for retail products. Audio/sound semiconductors designed for mobile phones and headset, wireless or no wired, are designed to serve the needs of average user, most cases young user with healthy hearing.


Nevertheless the adaptation to hearing loss / hearing aid applications is commonly done by the semiconductor / IC's manufacturers.

We see big future and endless improvement driven by these huge markets of mobile phones, gaming, video streaming, Bluetooth apps, and many others.