XBD-Global is fully owned subsidiary of GTEC International LLC ( founded in 1994, at XBD-Global we are audio & sound specialists based in California, USA with over 50 years of engineering and technology experience.

eEAR: Our hearing aids & amplifiers offer the BEST sound clarity, and are made with state of the art technology, are easy to use for people of all ages, Instant Fitting, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable!

e-PitchPerfecr: Our Audio/Sound products consist of Headsets, Wired & Wireless (Bluetooth-BT), smart Speakers, others. All our sound/audio products are utilizing latest sound processing technology (DSP), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and High Fidelity.

e-Health: Our family of health improvement, and monitoring products, such as e-BPressure (Blood Pressure monitor), e-Thermometer (Infrared & digital), e-Flosser (Potable Water Flosser), others.

We guarantee the highest quality performance & clarity.