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GTEC-MD is wholly owned subsidiary of GTEC International, LLC established in 1994, in California, USA.  Our company is committed to provide our customers the highest quality products, at competitive prices. WITH GTEC-MD YOU GET THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.


Simply better hearing

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Why Choose GTEC -MD ?

At GTEC-MD our primary interest is to manufacture the highest quality products which are easy to operate and can be used by people of all ages.
We are a professional hearing amplifier manufacturer and seller, which has produced a variety of hearing amplifiers. Our hearing amplifiers are designed to be easy, durable, and comfortable to wear in either of the ears.

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Our Customer's Feedback

This is the only hearing amplifier aid in which I had to reduce the volume control...all others need to bring the volume control to maximum. We tested over 10 brands. 


Our Customer's Feedback

I LOVE the eBPressure wrist BP monitor. I rely on it in a busy nursing facility and it gives accurate readouts without fail. I work the night shift so having the bright light with Big Display is bonus because I don't have to wake patients by turning on the overhead light to read and record the results. Nothing can be done about patients who don't sit still or who continue to talk while I'm trying to get a reading, but that is NOT an issue of the monitor. After purchasing and returning at least 3 other monitors, including a very expensive Omron, I purchased this item as recommended by a colleague. The eBPressure brand is quickly becoming the gold standard in our facility and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

Diana M Foster