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Pair of eEAR® BTE H4 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifier, Digital BTE Hearing Technology Designed and Engineered in the USA | Sold 10,000+

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Pair of eEAR® BTE H4 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifiers At Only $199.88 $138.18

Sold 10,000+

Main Features of BTE H4 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifier :

  • DSP Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • 4 Channels
  • 10 Bands
  • 3 Programs (high frequency compensation, low frequency compensation)
  • Multi-Channel Noise Reduction (9dB)
  • Rechargeable Charging case holds 5 times full charges
  • Wind Noise Manager Level 2
  • Working Time at full charge: 20 hours (at 80% volume)
  • Sudden Impulsive Management Kevel 2
  • Intelligent volume record learning
  • Programing record learning
  • Low battery Indicator

Technical Specifications of BTE H4 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifier :

  • MAX-OSPL90 112dB
  • HFA-SSPL90 101.5
  • Peak Gain 35.3
  • HFA Full-on Gain 30
  • Frequency Range 200Hz--5523Hz
  • THD at 500Hz:0.9% 800Hz:0.3% 1600Hz:0.3%
  • Eq. Input Noise Level(dB) 22.5dB
  • Battery Current Drain 1.41mA
  • Attack time 4ms
  • Release time 87ms

Packing Including :

2 x eEAR® BTE H4 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifier

1 x Rechargeable Carrying Case

1 x User Manual


Do I need a prescription for the best sound level?

I had testing done by an audiologist 7 years ago and paid $4900 for his aides, after 3 years of mediocre hearing, I bought some in the ear $99 aides, that worked better. I now have 30 days with the eEAR® Product and I am satisfied, just start with a low volume setting and increase slowly every other day sounds seem normal.

Do I need an audiologist?

No! Upon extensive research, we have discovered that 90% of people experience similar hearing loss. This means there is NO need for a custom fit, or visiting an audiologist!

Is there a warranty or guarantee? 

Yes. In fact, Best Aid Hearing offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! Keep in mind, it is important to give yourself time to adjust to your hearing aids. It can take 1-2 months to get used to them.

Additionally, all of our hearing aids come standard with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for FREE!

How do these hearing aids work?

At their most basic, hearing aids are microphones that convert sound into electrical signals. An amplifier increases the strength of the signal, then a receiver converts it back to sound, channeling it into the ear canal through a small tube or earmold. A battery is necessary to power the hearing aid to enable amplification.

Why should I buy today?

Hearing loss can appear to make dementia, Alzheimer's disease and depression more prominent. Many people are stubborn and wait longer than they should before buying hearing aids. Imagine the smile on your family's face when you can hear every word they say!

How long does it take to get used to the hearing aids?

Individual experiences can differ with each person. Hearing aids can help you hear sounds you have not heard before (or have not heard for many years). Relearning takes place in the central auditory system and the brain needs time to sort out new information entering the ears. Our 30-day trial period will allow you to adjust to your hearing aids to evaluate their benefit.

Will these hearing aids whistle?

While whistling used to be a real concern for hearing aid users in the past, Best Aid Hearing's X1 features automatic feedback cancellation technology. That means you can enjoy the atmosphere of a busy restaurant without worrying about your device whistling or squealing.

Anatomy of ear and naming of complete ear parts