eEAR® ITE-001 Small Pair of Rechargable Hearing Aid Amplifiers Comes with Rechargable charging case hold 5 times full charges Sold 20,000+ worldwide

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Product Description : 

eEar ITE are hearing aids that adopts digital processing technology to amplify sound signals and automatically eliminates sound feedback. It is suitable for patients with sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss with hearing loss <80dBHI... It is easy to wear and operate. Two types of earplugs (closed and open) are available. It has a full-frequency intelligent noise processing system, which can be worn in different working and living environments. it provides 6dB to 18dB different noise processing capabilities.VC and button controls can be selected to realize different functions (volume, program, sleep) according to different time (1S, 20, 5S).

Technical Specification :

MAX OSPL90(dBSPL) : 111.1
HFA OSPL90(dBSPL) : 107.0
Peak Gain(dB) : 35
HFA FOG(dB) : 30
Frequency Range : 200 Hz^-4783 Hz
THD at 500Hz : 0.5%
THD at 800Hz : 0.6%
THD at 16001-Iz : 0.3%
Eq.Input Noise Level(dB) : 22.2
Battery Current Drain(mA) : 1.18
Attack Time(ms) : 6
Release Time(ms) :62

Function List :

Channel : 6

Band : 10

Intelligent Noise Reduction (dB) : 12

Feedback Cancellation : ADFC

Wind Noise Manager : Level 3

Impulsive Noise Reduction : Level 3

Environmental Analysis System : 3

Maxium Output Control : AGC-0 

Fitting Range  : <80 

Trimmer : VC/Button

Low Battery Indicator : Yes


eEAR ITE-Rech is a classic comfort ITE hearing aids that is invisible and comfortable to wear. Up to 12dB multi-channel noise reduction enables better listening in noisy environments. The three listening programs (Common, high frequency compensation, low frequency Consumption easy to switch power acoustic feedback suppression function,  reduce the generation environment noise cericular rechargable design can solve the problem  noise. Circular rechargeable design can solve the problem of changing batteries.The function of volume/Program memorY can avoide, the inconvenience of starting up and debugging every time.
DSP digital signal processing technology 6 channels, 10 bands 3 programs (Common, high frequency compensation, multi-channel noise reduction (12db) Rechargable charging case hold 5 times full charges wind noise manager lavel 3 Impulsive noise manager lavel Max output control Intelligent volume recording Intelligent program recording Program switch indicator Low battery.