YES! IT'S HEARING AIDS SYSTEM, 2 functions in One system, eEAR® eEAR-BC-CIC-010 Bluetooth BONE CONDUCTION HEARING AID 2 in One SYSTEM Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids & Bone Conduction BT Sold 10,000+ worldwide

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Yes, IT'S HEARING AIDS, 2 Function in One system:
* Hearing Aids CIC rechargeable, invisible
* Bluetooth Bone conduction headphones.
The perfect solution for people with hearing loss, to listen to the TV, PC, Mobil phone, any other Bluetooth sound source.


The Ultimate solution for people with hearing loss, to hear and understand the surounding, listen to their phone, music, tablet, TV, computer, any other source of Bluetooth Audio sound. 
Can be used together as a kit, and can be use as 2 seperate items for 2 seperate application:
1. eEAR Rechargeable CIC: almost invisible hearing aids.
2. ePP BC: Bone Conduction Bluetooth headphones, military grade.

The combination of eEAR CIC best invisible, rechargeable hearing aids, plus our Military Grade Bone Conduction Headphones, provide best solution available for people with hearing loss. The Bluetooth function is part of our Bone Conduction Headphones, enables the hearing impaired person to listen to music, TV and phone in most effective, best quality sound solution.

eEAR CIC(Rechargeble)


▪Easy-to-use in-ear rechargeable hearing aid

▪ In the Ear hearing machine with rechargeable battery

▪ Crystal Clear and Noise reduction

▪ Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss

▪ Volume tone adjustable

▪ Power on/off switches to extend the Li battery life

▪ Battery type: Rechargeable Li-battery

▪ Battery working time: last working for 20-25 hours by a full charge


Product Spec :

Product Name : In Ear CIC rechargeable hearing Aids       

Fitting Range : For mild to moderate hearing loss

Application : Fitting in people right ear and left Ear   

Technical Data : IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003

Model : CIC (a set of 2 pcs)

Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL) : 117dB±3dB

HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL) : 110dB±5dB

Peak Sound Gain(dB) : 30dB ±3dB

Total Harmonic Distortion/THD% : ≤3.0% at 800Hz, ≤3.0% at 800Hz, ≤3.0% at 1600Hz

Frequency range(Hz) : 300Hz-3500Hz

EQ Input Noise(dB) : ≤20dB±3dB

Battery Type : Rechargeable Li battery

Power consumption : DC 3.7V, Current: ≤2mA

Power switcher : Yes, On/Off button

Battery working : Working time 20-25 Hours by 4-5hrs charging

Battery built-in hearing aid : Lithium-Ion battery, Capacity: 17mAh, DC3.7V

Charge case power bank battery : Capacity: 260mAh, DC3.7V, Lithium-Ion battery, 4-5 times charging for hearing aid

Package including : 

1 x 2 CIC Rechargeable Hearing aid, 

3 x 2 Large, Mid, Small size Ear Plug, 

1 x Cleaning Brush tool+ screw driver, 

1 x Power charger case, 

1 x DC adapter, 

1 x USB cable, 

1 x Easy read User manual, 

1 x Color box

Warranty : 1 Year warranty and Life time service


ePP BC (Bone conduction) Headset

Bluetooth Chip: Union AC7006f

Bluetooth Version: BT V5.0

Material: ABS + PC

Appearance Size: 105x125x45mm

Bare Metal Weight 27.5g

Bluetooth Distance: 10M

Waterproof Grade: IPx4

Battery Capacity: 180MAH

Standby Time: 300 hours

Charging Time: 1.5 hours

Playback Time: 6 hours (70% volume)

Appearance Color: Black

Relevant Certification: CE / RoHS / BQB / un38 3/MSDS

Accessory :

Host x 1 

Instruction x 1 

Charging Cable x 1