YES IT'S HEARING AIDS 2 in ONE, Bluetooth Earbuds and Bluetooth hearing Aids, eEAR®-AP-BT-32CH very discreet, looks like typical Earbuds, not like Hearing Aids, Latest Earbuds All in One State of the Art technology

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eEAR®-AP-BT-32CH Our latest Earbuds Bluetooth(BT) V5.0 most discreet hearing aids, looks like typical Earbuds, not like hearing aids.


It's the newest Bluetooth headset Digital Hearing Aids:

1. 32 CH WDRC digital processor
2. Volume adjustable 5 level 3.2 Modes switch
4. Noise reduction
5. Quick charge by 1 hour only 10 minutes charge for 5 hours listening.
6. Battery time 15-18 hours by a full charged
7. Frequency range 300 - 7000Hz 8. Fitting mild to moderate hearing loss
9. Portable small charge case
10. Bluetooth headset for music and phone calls