Hearing Amplifiers Vs Hearing Aid / Ben Orenstein, BSEE, MBA

   Author : Ben Orenstein, BSEE, MBA   

Hearing Aid Amplifier for Adults

Both units are programmable (hearing Aids) and pre-programmed, also called hearing amplifiers, using the exact same hardware technology (I am an electronic Engineer, and know it for a fact). The programmable unit can be programmed, by mobile phone apps, by the factory, or by Audiologist / technician.


The so called hearing Amplifiers are PRE-PROGRAMMED in the factory, in our products (www.amazon.com/shops/XBD_Global) it’s pre-programmed to 4 frequency bands, and customers select the one fit best for their needs.


Hearing Amplifiers are NOT THE ENEMY OF THE AUDIOLOGISTS! They are complementary by providing immediate, easy fit, and low cost solutions for the hearing impairment. It gets the user from: NO-HEAR to HEAR-WELL instantly!


Than the customer/Hearing impairment person, can go to the local Audiologist and get a more accurate prescription.


Unfortunately, some people feel threatened by the Pre-Programmed Hearing Aid (Hearing Amplifiers), and try to spread fear and distrust, DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU!!.


Same as reading glasses, they are NOT THE ENEMY of the optometrist. They provide magnification, same as optical glasses (for people who need reading glasses), but at lower cost and immediate solution for the person who needs reading glasses.


Hearing Amplifiers provide exact same function, immediately go from no hearing to hearing, at low cost, and convenient fitting, while they can still follow up with the Audiologist to get their exact prescriptions.