TV Bluetooth Hearing Aids + Bluetooth Transmitter: eEAR BTE-BT + BT Tx/Rx

  Author : Ben Orenstein, BSEE, MBA



One great solution for watching TV is to get TV Hearing Aids. This is an assistive listening device that will make it easy to hear the TV. The hearing Aids come with a transmitter device that you plug into the TV. This will stream the TV audio to the hearing Aids, helping you hear everything that's being said. You'll be able to adjust the volume to safe levels, and even make adjustments to the tone so you can hear more easily.


Our Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver assistive listening devices can support more than one set of Hearing Aids, or headphones. You can watch TV with your hearing Aids, and your spouse can use Bluetooth Headphones, and you can each wear your hearing aids and spouse headphones to stream the audio right to your ears.

Connectivity Features:

If you spend a lot of time watching TV, talking on the phone, or using our Bluetooth technology, you can get hearing aids with great connectivity features. These hearing aids use Bluetooth technology to connect directly to your phone, your computer, and even your TV. Your hearing aids will turn into wireless headphones, playing the TV audio right to your ears so you can catch every word that's said on-screen. Depending on your TV, you may need to get a transmitter to plug into your TV to enable this connection. 

When you watch TV with your Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, you can enjoy watching TV with the whole family! Let your family set the volume that's best for them, and control your own volume using your hearing aids. You can control your personal settings using your hearing aid app on your phone and adjust the volume and tone to make it easy to hear.