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e-BPressure-001 : Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, HIGHEST ACCURACY by Word Leader and State of The Art Technology Designed and Engineered in the USA Sold 15,000+ worldwide

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Our Customer's Feedback


"I LOVE the eBPressure Arm BP monitor. I rely on it in a busy nursing facility and it gives accurate readouts without fail. I work the night shift so having the bright light with Big Display is bonus because I don't have to wake patients by turning on the overhead light to read and record the results. Nothing can be done about patients who don't sit still or who continue to talk while I'm trying to get a reading, but that is NOT an issue of the monitor. After purchasing and returning at least 3 other monitors, including a very expensive Omron, I purchased this item as recommended by a colleague. The eBPressure brand is quickly becoming the gold standard in our facility and I'd highly recommend it to anyone." (Diana M Foster)

"It is fantastic. It's all in more than I would have wanted. I got this for my husband because he found out he had a-fib so we had to start checking his blood pressure. it was very easy for him to use and really enjoy the voice of them telling you what it is. The shipping was very fast we got it the next weak. I'm very happy" (Zena)

✔️LARGEST DISPLAY ON THE MARKET WITH BACK-LIGHT: Our Blood Pressure Monitor with custom-made large LED screens give you a great visual experience, making readings clearer and users can view the results more quickly. Clear large fonts and High-Def Backlit Screen offers clear reading at nighttime for advanced measurement experience.

✔️HIGHEST ACCURACY & Arrhythmia Detecting: Fully automatic blood pressure checker has advanced measuring techniques, to provide you the most accurate reading. Convenient to track your health every day. Also, e-BPressure Blood Pressure Monitor is sensitive enough to track heartbeat failures that might go unnoticed by you. That is, by measuring the pressure, you can also check your heart rate.

✔️ADVANCED TWO-USER MEMORY & ADJUSTABLE LARGER CUFF: No more manual recording of your readings all the time! You may store up to 200 readings for two users and each reading comes with date and time stamp. Specially designed a wide range of adjustable arm Cuff for people of different sizes, from 8" to 17" in length. With our latest AccuRead Technology which comes with cuff detection and wrong operation reminder icons, you never have to worry about taking wrong measurements again!

✔️ONE-TOUCH OPERATION & CARRY CASE: The Blood Pressure Machine is fully automatic, just need to press one "Start" button to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. All process just need half minute. Also, it very easy to carry - lightweight and fits in a convenient case so that you can take it with you anywhere. e-BPressure is looking forward to bringing you a better service experience!

✔️24/7 SUPPORT & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our team of professionals is ready to help you with any problem 24/7. If you have problems with our Blood Pressure Monitor, please contact us directly. Enjoy a high-quality product with confidence.


Product Description

① Large LCD display easy to read.

② Automatic measurement —— One-button operation, fully automatic measurement.

③ Time and date display —— Accurately records measurement records.

④ Extra large cuff —— 8- 17 inches cuff, fit arms of various size.

⑤ Stable and accurate chips —— Combining 19 years of R&D experience and millions sets of clinical data.

⑥ Ultra thin body —— Portable and easy to storage.

⑦ WHO blood pressure classification —— International standards.

⑧ Two users and 180 sets of reading memory —— Distinguish the health of two people independently.

⑨ Average Value Display —— Press the “MEM” button, it will show the average blood pressure of the latest 3 times.

⑩ Irregular heartbeat detection —— It can be detected if your heartbeat is irregular.

⑪  Auto off —— Auto power off after keeping no operation for 180 seconds.

Correct Method of Usage

1.Relax for minutes. Wrap the cuff around the left upper arm.

2.The bottom edge of the cuff should be approximately 0.5 inch.

3.Align the air tubing with the litter finger on the plam side of the upper arm.

4.Pressure ON/OFF button, the device start measuring automatically.