eEAR WP-BT N30 The Best Waterproof + Bluetooth Hearing Aids and Wireless Bluetooth Hearphones Available and Affordable

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New intelligent wireless hearing amplifier. Excellent sound quality with digital and intelligent system to make hearing more clear and comfortable.

Phone call, Listen music are available
Win iF award in Germany.
Modern Design
Binaural listening Easy Watching TV
the noise environment is more clearer, with stereo effect,

Now Easily watch TV: With Bluetooth wireless function head shadow effect and TV mate receiver you can watch TV easily

Lithium battery chagrining 
users of high-capacity lithium battery do not need to the hearing aid store to buy the battery frequently. just use it during the day as a mobile phone and charqe it at night.
Phone calls
lt not only can help hearing, but also listen to music or make calls, providing comprehensive solutions for people with hearing loss.

IP57 Waterproof
Nano Waterproof IP57: Nano waterproof technology, comprehensive protection

Technology Feature:
Model Appearance Fitting Range Function
Intelligent System Comfortable <100dR

N30 <100dR e TV Join APP Control Unique Features Waterproof. Dust-proof
Humanized Function e Rechargeable Battery
sl00dis to avoid whistle. In-ear defection function High Level Sound Quality
N10 2 Programs Inside Intelligent Volume Record Adjustable Sound Channels e Intelligent Adaptive Noise
I craning Function Reduction

Default program modes (Quiet/Noisy)

Models Channel Memory Noise Module Reduction processing Memory Feedback Volume Memory Program Mic Double APP Hints Sound Fitting Range

N30-DW 4 2+1 9 Mild-Severe

Accessories APP
TV Join mHear
Bluetooth Controller Suitable for ios system and Android system
·Connection with TV.AudioComputerMP3。Audio lnput
Wireless transmission distance >15 meters


Do I need a prescription for the best sound level?

I had testing done by an audiologist 7 years ago and paId $4900 for his aides, after 3 years of mediocre hearing, I bought some in the ear $99 aides, that worked better. I now have 30 days with the eEAR Product and I am satisfied, just start with a low volume setting and increase slowly every other day sounds seem normal.